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Wealth Management

What is Your Philosophy on Investing?
At RWM, we like to stay focused on a your risks as an investor. Our first step in the investment planning process is to determine your needs for the money we help you manage, (growth, income, tax deferral, etc.) Once that is determined, our most important goal is to make sure the investments we are using to address your needs are appropriate for your level of risk tolerance. Most investment plans get derailed because the allocation of risk wrong, not because the chosen investments are underperforming.
How Can I Determine My Risk Tolerance?
There are many ways to determine risk tolerance. In most cases this determination is not an exact science. Working with our qualified investment professional can help you become better aware of your tolerance for risk. We have found that educating our clients about risks provides them a better understanding those risks and makes them more confident in their decision making. Being confident in your investments over the long run helps to keep you from making irrational decisions at the wrong time when markets are turbulent.
With So Many Types And Styles Of Investments Out There, How Do I Determine Which Are Right For Me?
This is the place where working with our investment professional may potentially pay real dividends. (pun intended) In the same way a master chef can blend ingredients to create a fabulous meal, our experienced investment professional can blend different types and styles of investments to get you the right mix to address your goals. According to modern portfolio theory 91% of your investment return is determined by your asset allocation while only 9% is determined by investment selection and market performance. This means that having the right mix of ingredients in your portfolio is the most important factor in determining success.

Plan Participant Services

Should I Participate In My Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan?
In a word…..YES!! Not only will you save money for your retirement, you may also reduce your taxable income as well as receive a possible company match. (not all employers match employee contributions and your tax savings will have to be determined by your tax professional)
Can I Roll Over On My Other Retirement Accounts Into My 401k or Profit Sharing Plan?
Each employer sponsored retirement plan is different. Often time’s the plan document WILL allow for incoming rollovers into a 401k or Profit Sharing plan. But not always. You can always reach out to our investment professional on your plan to get the details about incoming rollovers. He or She should be able to help you. If your plan does not have a dedicated investment professional, you can always call your investment vendor or custodian (this is the company who holds your retirement plan assets) to get the info from them as well.
How Can I Determine What My Social Security Benefits Are Going To Be Now That They Have Stopped Sending Me Annual Statements?
You can log on to www.ssa.gov and register for an online account. This will show you your current monthly benefit estimate and will update each year as your income level changes over time. The closer you get to retirement the more accurate these figures will be. However, even if you are relatively young, this will still provide you a nice base line to see how much additional income you will need in retirement.

Retirement Plan Assistance

How Can I Manage My Fiduciary Risks Associated With Our Company Retirement Plan?
You should start with a team of “prudent experts”. Your Third Party Administrator, our Financial Advisor and your Record Keeper should all be working together as a well-oiled machine to keep your plan running smoothly. Each of these professionals is responsible for their own particular portion of your plans functions. Without each of them doing their respective parts your plan can have issues that may create problems. You should also have written policies and procedures for all of the ongoing functions of your plan where possible. This will help to keep your plan from getting off track.
How Often Should We Conduct A Plan Review, Employee Education, Investment Review, Etc.?
Your company retirement plan is like a thumb print. Each plan will do things slightly different from the next in trying to keep their plan running smoothly. At RWM, we start with a general base line and then adjust the services to address your specific needs. For example, we will typically start with an annual plan review of all plan functions, policies and procedures, Investment Policy Statement review, etc. We will conduct a quarterly review of the plan investments and make any potential change recommendations at the annual review. Employee education should be done annually or semi-annually depending on your desire. From there we can adjust and tailor the services to address your needs as a plan sponsor and your employees.
How Do I Get Better Participation From My Employees?
Educate them about the benefits of saving. We are huge advocates of doing more employee education at the retirement plan level. Getting employees together in a group setting can be challenging, but we have a variety of ways we can reach employees to get them more information. We employ paycheck stuffers, email newsletters, Seminars, Webinars, and good, old fashioned face-to-face meetings with participants. We want to help ensure employees have as much information as possible to make informed decisions.

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