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Retirement Plan Participants

No matter where you are in life – just getting started or planning for retirement – you have goals and dreams. We can help you pursue them. Our financial professionals are passionate about helping you get better prepared for the retirement you always dreamed of and can help to guide you down the path towards retirement.

We offer the following services to our retirement plan participants:

  • Financial Literacy Education

    We understand that not everyone is a financial expert, and we are passionate about educating company employees to have a better understanding of how to manage their retirement goals and finances in a way that benefits them. After all, nobody cares about your money the way you do. We believe the better we can educate employees about their finances the more productive our relationship will be with them in the long run.
  • Asset Allocation Strategies

    Did you know that according to Modern Portfolio theory, approximately 91% of your investment performance is determined by your asset allocation? This makes the way your portfolio is constructed and the percentages you allocated to each asset class (Stocks, Bonds, Cash, Etc.) the single most important factor in determining your investment performance. We can help you to determine if your asset allocation is right for you.
  • Retirement Readiness Evaluation

    Studies show that more and more employees are not properly prepared for retirement. In today’s marketplace many more employers are turning to Defined Contribution plans (401(k), Etc.) rather than the traditional Defined Benefit plan (Pension). This leaves employees to create and manage their own retirement outcome. We can help you determine if you are saving enough of your income, investing it properly to address your goals and if you are on track for financial well-being in retirement.
  • Account Consolidation (Previous Employer Plans)

    Today’s employees are more likely to change employers several times throughout their career. Often times we leave our employer and our retirement account behind when we move to a new employer. We can help you consolidate old retirement accounts into your new employer’s retirement plan or into an IRA Rollover account if that is a better fit for you. Consolidation may result in easier management of your retirement assets and could potentially create a better long-term outcome.
  • Insurance Solutions

    We work with dozens of the largest insurance carriers in the industry to provide insurance solutions to help our clients manage their insurance needs. From life insurance to long-term care to disability insurance, we can help you develop a plan that will meet your insurance needs.

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